Safcoin Scam? Is Safcoin Legit? Here are some facts

By admin• February 28, 2019
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First off let’s address the elephant in the room...


Some competitors (other crypto / exchange companies who regard us as competition) out there accuses Safcoin of being an ICO scam; 
We would like to clear the air:
WE ARE NOT AN ICO... been there, done that got the certificate.
Run away with ICO investors money? Nope sorry didn’t happen.

Now let’s look at the post-ICO achievments and oh yes almost forgot …THE Safcoin LAUNCH!

Safcoin held it’s ICO from 13 July – 31 October 2018.
Tokens were sold on the Ethereum blockchain.
Users had their tokens migrated and the Safcoin crypto and the Safcoin Blockchain was launched.

13 December 2018 Safcoin beat the odds by launching with these incredible developments:
Safcoin Blockchain
Safcoin Cryptocurrency
Safcoin Website
Safcoin Exchange
Safcoin IOS App
Safcoin Android App
Safcoin Mining
Safcoin Mining Pools
Safcoin Blockexplorer
Safcoin Hipaa Compliant Server Architecture
Safcoin Call Centres (Western Cape and Eastern Cape)
Safcoin online support ticket system
Safcoin Card payments integration
Safcoin gateway merchant
Safcoin Automated withdrawal system
Safcoin Bitcoin wallet
Safcoin Bitcoin trading
Safcoin Hacking Bug bounty security Audits
Safcoin Theme Song created by local artists
Safcoin Facebook page
Safcoin Blog
Safcoin Referral commission system

Wonder how many companies listed after ICO with all the above, seeing that 86% of all ICO’s never list or drop to zero and disappear?

More Safcoin Developments currently undreway:

Safcoin Africa Limited – Launching in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique
Safcoin crypto payment Gateway
Safcoin EasyJobs Marketplace
Safcoin E-Commerce Rewards system
Safcoin Retail Rewards system
Safcoin Africa Exchange
Safcoin ATM Application

Now Ask yourself:
What were the costs for the above developments?
Why would a scam go through the effort to develop all these features and improve the features their established competitors have to offer?
Why would established competitors see Safcoin as a danger to them?
Because we are building something amazing?... which has the power to revolutionize our economy.
Why do other crypto exchanges only want you to invest in certain cryptos?
Most likely because they are selling them?

Are we being defamed to keep crypto money solely in Bitcoin ?
Did they invest when Bitcoin was at +-R300 000 and need to get Bitcoin back there?
Who’s running the scam?

Are they Piggy backing on Safcoin's google searches to drive traffic to their sites and create untrue sensational views?

There has never been only 1 currency and there never will be.

If we look at the above achievements, developments and future projects, Safcoin can proudly state that we are here to stay and change the way people use crypto in Africa.

In my opinion, good business ethic is lacking in the cryptoshpere - you can bet your bottom dollor  that we are here to improve it!


Please feel free to leave your comment or questions below and we will do our best to attent swiftly.